Sadraque Nganga is the next African-born prospect to watch

Scouting Sadraque Nganga (1:51)

This is the next African-born prospect to watch. (1:51)

Whether it's a superstar such as Joel Embiid (Cameroon) or rising standout like Pascal Siakam (Cameroon), the presence of African-born players has never been stronger in the NBA.

More and more African-born athletes are making their way to the States for prep school and college, and many more land with major clubs in Europe. Through the efforts of programs such as Giants of Africa (run by Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri) and Basketball Without Borders, the development infrastructure -- key to future success -- is slowly growing. National teams in Angola (Will Voigt), Uganda (George Galanopoulos) and other countries have hired coaches with professional experience to bolster skill level and understanding of the game.

With that in mind -- plus the potential end of the one-and-done era prior to the 2022 NBA draft -- it's key for teams to keep an eye on the young prospects rising through the ranks. There's one 15-year-old prospect in particular who warrants the NBA's attention. His name is Sadraque Nganga, or "Sada" for short.