NBA draft stock watch: Intel on top 100 prospects

Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA tournament set up nearly perfectly for NBA draft evaluation, as a huge number of first-round prospects advanced to the Sweet 16. This set the stage for a series of high-profile games in which players faced arguably the highest level of competition in their careers with huge stakes.

Considering the small sample size of the college season -- and how infrequently scouts get to watch elite prospects matching up against players with NBA-caliber length and athleticism -- it seems foolish to cover your eyes and throw tournament performances out the window (like some suggest because of past overreactions).

Players are judged on their overall body of work, including workouts, interviews, background intel, measurements and medical examinations. But it's difficult not to think we learned as much about the draft in the past two weekends as we have at any other point.

Here's the latest on prospects rising and falling in our top 100 rankings.