Ranking the Celtics and Lakers by trade value for Anthony Davis

Woj: Pelicans can contend after drafting Zion, trading Davis (1:45)

Adrian Wojnarowski lays out the framework for the New Orleans Pelicans to build a new roster after they draft Zion Williamson and trade Anthony Davis. (1:45)

How should the New Orleans Pelicans value players from the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers in a possible Anthony Davis trade?

With ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reporting Wednesday that the Celtics and Lakers are both engaged in trade talks with the Pelicans for Davis, it's worth wondering which players and draft picks they might be discussing and how they could fit in New Orleans.

In particular, players' trade values differ from strictly their ability on the court because of the importance of salary to this calculation. Taking performance, age and contract into account, here are my rankings of the most valuable players and picks available to the Pelicans -- some of which differ dramatically from how those players are likely valued around the league.