Ten Warriors free-agency and trade targets to help replace KD and Klay

Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports

How can the Golden State Warriors replace Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson?

In the wake of major injuries to both stars during the NBA Finals, the Warriors can expect both to miss most or all of the 2019-20 season -- if they're actually on the Golden State roster. Thompson is an unrestricted free agent, and Durant can become one if he declines a $31.5 million player option.

The Warriors will have limited ability to replace them, either in the short term or long term. Assuming at least one of the two re-signs, Golden State probably will have only the taxpayer midlevel exception (MLE, projected at $5.7 million) available to offer free agents more than the veteran's minimum.

If one or both players leaves via free agency, the Warriors could try to use draft picks to convince their new team(s) to agree to a sign-and-trade deal that would create an enormous trade exception. Alternatively, if either player re-signs and is ruled by an NBA-designated doctor unlikely to return by next June 15, Golden State would qualify for a disabled player exception that could be used to either sign a free agent to a one-year contract up to the larger non-tax MLE (projected at $9.2 million) or trade for a player in the final season of his contract making up to $9.3 million.

So whom might the Warriors be able to get in free agency or through trade? Let's take a look at some realistic options for Golden State.