NBA offseason grades: Best and worst East moves

Shelburne: NBA wants a system for everyone to abide by (1:09)

Ramona Shelburne expects no major penalties to result from the NBA's investigation into the free agency process unless something 'truly egregious' is found. (1:09)

Which NBA teams had the best offseasons?

With the bulk of this summer's moves in the book, we'll be grading each team based on the results of the draft, free agency, trades and, in some cases, coaching changes.

Because not all teams had the same ability to improve coming into the offseason, these grades are based on how well teams utilized their cap space and draft picks rather than just on which teams did the most to improve. They also balance short-term and long-term goals, so as to reward teams that aren't focused on putting together the best possible roster for the upcoming season.

With that context in mind, let's grade the Eastern Conference.