Will Dwight Howard solve the Lakers' big problem?

The NBA's new 'Big 2' era (1:56)

Several of the NBA's brightest stars are now part of All-Star duos, but it remains to be seen how long they can coexist. (1:56)

Can Dwight Howard fill the role DeMarcus Cousins was set to play for the Los Angeles Lakers? That's what the Lakers gambled on when they signed Howard, who agreed to a buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies, shortly after Cousins suffered a torn ACL in an August workout that will almost certainly end his 2019-20 season.

Howard is one of the league's most decorated centers, but at age 33 he's more than five years removed from his last All-Star appearance. Now on his fifth team in as many seasons -- not counting the Grizzlies, for whom he never played a game -- can Howard fill a key role for a Lakers team hoping to contend in the Western Conference?