How Bradley Beal's new deal changes the NBA trade market

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

What impact will Bradley Beal's extension have on his future, the Washington Wizards and the rest of the NBA?

After months of speculation about a possible trade, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday that Beal agreed to a one plus one extension ahead of Monday's deadline for players with more than one season remaining to extend their contracts. Because Beal got the maximum possible raise in the first year of his extension (20% more than his 2020-21 salary), he won't be eligible for a trade until after the 2020 deadline, ensuring he'll stay in Washington the remainder of this season.

Given how coveted Beal was by contenders looking to upgrade their rosters for a championship run, that last point looms particularly large. So let's break down the implications for everyone involved.