NBA trade deadline: Lists of every restricted, available player

Woj: Cavs ready to listen to trade offers on Love (0:48)

Adrian Wojnarowski expects multiple teams to make trade offers to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love. (0:48)

The NBA calendar hitting Jan. 15 marks yet another significant date, as 20 more 2019 free agents saw their trade restrictions listed. Now, 96% of the league is trade eligible.

To get a better sense of the 2019-20 trade market, we have broken down the entire player pool into three categories below: expiring contracts, long-term deals and players still carrying trade restrictions.

We've organized these tables by player role (franchise centerpiece, All-Star, starter, reserve, etc.), salary and years remaining on their contracts. You can use these tables when attempting to determine what trades are possible across the league -- especially since most teams don't have cap space and will need to trade salaries that match within 125%.