What NBA contenders can afford to trade for Andre Iguodala

Woj: Memphis determined to trade, not buy out Iggy (0:59)

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Grizzlies are confident that they can avoid a buyout and trade Andre Iguodala, but it might be tricky because his desired teams, the Lakers and Clippers, are unable to trade for him. (0:59)

Former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in a financially motivated move by the Golden State Warriors this offseason, but at age 35, he has no apparent interest in joining the early stages of a rebuild.

As the season approaches the two-month mark, Iguodala has yet to play a minute for Memphis while the Grizzlies look committed to their youth movement -- leading to a stalemate, since Memphis would clearly prefer to flip the veteran wing for an asset rather than buy him out.

That holding pattern could start to clear up soon, as most of the league becomes eligible for trades on Dec. 15.

That date raises important questions: Who should trade for Iguodala? Who can trade for Iguodala? And, finally, how much should they give up for him? Let's explore.

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