Are LeBron James' four NBA titles better than Michael Jordan's six?

How LeBron has exceeded expectations and conquered the test of time (4:42)

LeBron James has had monumental expectations since he was 17. Now, at 35, LeBron has shown the basketball world that those expectations as a teen were just the beginning. (4:42)

How does LeBron James' NBA Finals résumé compare to Michael Jordan's?

The MJ-LeBron debate centers heavily on their performances on the NBA's biggest stage. For Jordan partisans, the Chicago Bulls' 6-0 record in Finals series -- with MJ winning MVP each time -- is indisputable proof of his superiority. For James believers, his 10 Finals appearances are emblematic of LeBron's longer record of accomplishment.

Let's take a closer look at how both superstars have performed in the NBA Finals.

What do LeBron's and MJ's overall Finals track records tell us about the choice between them as the greatest of all time?