Five most cost-effective players

Andray Blatche has been one of the league's best bargains this season. Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Today's NBA front offices must have the ability to fill out rosters with cheap, veteran talent. When you find on-court value from that cheap talent, you create roster flexibility, a goal that cannot be understated. With a new, draconian luxury tax system taking effect, most competitive teams will have a limited amount of salary to allocate to a handful of rotation spots. They gain a significant advantage if they have the ability to identify, recruit and ultimately sign vets to bargain deals.

It's essentially the NBA equivalent to shopping at a thrift store and getting as much utility (at a fraction of the cost) as you would get from the same item from a high-end store. And the teams that signed the following five players are enjoying the very inexpensive fruits of their scouting.

These are the five best value deals signed last summer; all five were one-year deals and under $3 million.