Buyer's guide to NBA free agency

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For the next few weeks, ESPN Insider will be analyzing NBA free agents not named LeBron James (we covered him pretty extensively a few weeks ago, and there's even more coming every day on the LeBron Tracker) to try to get a handle on what they're really worth to the teams chasing them this summer.


Bosh would be the grand prize in most offseasons, but the tantalizing prospect of his partnering up with Dwyane Wade or LeBron James suggests he couldn't succeed landing on a team without another superstar. He can, so long as he goes somewhere with the right type of talent. Full report


Don't feel the need to correct anyone who slips and mistakenly calls the Duke alumnus Carlos "Bruiser." That's actually an apt nickname that works on two levels: Not only does Carlos Boozer punish opponents physically, he also tends to get hurt -- a lot. Full report


With yet another failed mission to the NBA Finals, the book may finally be out on Amare Stoudemire: He's as electric as he is one-dimensional. Be that as it may, it probably won't deter at least one team from handing him a max contract this summer. Full report


By deciding to turn down a $21.5 million player option for next season, Dirk Nowitzki punched his ticket to the much-ballyhooed free-agent festivities this summer. But although the big German almost certainly will play in Dallas for the foreseeable future, it will come at a steep price. Full report


Even though it comes a year later than he intended, David Lee will finally get his big payday this summer. The 27-year-old failed to land a multiyear contract as a restricted free agent last offseason, but after a 20-and-10 season, that might have been a blessing in disguise. Full report


After LeBron James, he's the biggest prize in free agency as the league's ultimate combo guard. But if you're building around Wade, you have to take his injury history into account. So how will his body hold up, and what does that mean for the teams chasing him? Full report


He's widely viewed as a sort of consolation prize for teams that strike out on LeBron James. But while Johnson has been a steady scorer, as he nears his 30s, should a team be willing to spend big on him? And, if so, what situation is the right fit? Full report


He's 23 years old and still has plenty of upside. But Gay is also a restricted free agent with legit question marks about his production and efficiency. So what approach should teams take with him this summer, and where is the swingman most likely to land? Full report


Although he's definitely in the twilight of his career, Allen remains a pure shooter who can help a championship contender. However, he ran very hot-and-cold in the NBA Finals this year. What team wants to gamble that he can turn back the clock? Full report


For all the teams looking to land LeBron James, there are many more just looking to improve on the cheap. The bargain bin offers hidden gems who can have serious impact for contenders next season. Full report