The go-to plays of the NBA Finals

The Mavericks need to get more production out of their pick-and-roll sets. Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Some of you may be familiar with MySynergySports, which provides game film and stats categorized by play type. If you subscribe to the service you can watch all 39 "and ones" drawn by LeBron James in transition this season, or the 13 plays where the Dallas Mavericks used Dirk Nowitzki as the ball handler in a pick and roll. Without a subscription, you can still search through their stats and find info on how often teams or players end up attempting to score out of certain types of plays, like post-ups or off ball screens, and how efficient they are at each one.

When using the service to analyze the Mavs-Heat series, one can draw several key insights concerning the teams' tendencies and execution. Through three games of the Finals, the numbers are showing that even though the Mavericks are posting strong percentages in several key play types, Miami has the clear edge going forward.

Here are a few takeaways from the data: