What's next for the Bulls?

Despite a valiant playoff run, it's going to be a long offseason for the Chicago Bulls. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

The philosopher Forrest Gump once noted that "sometimes there just aren't enough rocks." The Chicago Bulls battled injuries and cap-related roster deficiencies all season, but still managed to earn a No. 5 seed in the East and took out the Brooklyn Nets in seven games in the first round before succumbing to the Miami Heat in the semifinals.

Ultimately, with most of the team injured, sick, ineffective or all the above, the Bulls just didn't have enough weapons. Tom Thibodeau's mantra is "we have more than enough to win with," but that's only true until you don't. Now the Bulls have to prepare for Derrick Rose's return while also biding their time for a big push in the summer of 2014.