Game 4 fixes for Paul George

Making quick decisions with the ball can help earn George a few more uncontested dunks. AP Photo/Michael Conroy

He was celebrated, even anointed, as perhaps the second-best wing in the NBA.

This season, Indiana Pacers fans couldn't wait to shout over everyone that Paul George had arrived. At just 23, George's youth and athleticism had them certain George was approaching superstar status. Indeed, with his clutch 3-pointer to force overtime and his three clutch free throws in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals George looked like a superstar. He is a terrific wing defender, with the potential to be possibly the league's best after LeBron James.

Well, not so fast.

Despite all of the heroics, the fact is George hasn't "arrived." He's an exceptional player who had a good -- even great -- playoff game. But after his equally poor Game 3, George now is the guy who must make some adjustments if Indiana is going to survive. Here's the problem, and the correction I would make.