Roster Reload: Golden St. Warriors

Do the Warriors need a head coach who can maximize Stephen Curry's skills? Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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A season of tumult finally came crashing down, and an offseason of questions commences. After a massive retooling in 2013 following an exciting playoff run, expectations in the Bay Area were for the Warriors to compete for home-court advantage in an extremely tough Western Conference and perhaps be the dark-horse pick to make it to the Finals. Instead, a sixth-seed placing in the playoff bracket can be construed as a disappointment despite the fact it took 51 wins to get there (Golden State's first 50-win season in 20 years).

Criticisms of coach Mark Jackson's offense being unimaginative continued, and it often felt like he was driving a Ferrari with the hand break on; the only time it would release was during the playoffs when forced to go smaller lineups due to injuries. Additionally, the dismissal of two assistant coaches a few weeks before the playoffs only served to bring more scrutiny and turmoil around the organization. Where do they head from here?