Roster Reload: Brooklyn Nets

Productive when healthy, Brook Lopez is a player around whom the Nets should build. Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

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It's hard not to think about the 2013-14 Brooklyn Nets without terms like "wanton excess" coming to mind.

Last season, the Nets paid around $95 million in salary and luxury tax to win 49 games, land a 4-seed in a mediocre conference, and end their season with a first-round defeat. This time around, Brooklyn will dole out in the neighborhood of $190 million for its roster, which won 44 games, a 6-seed in a bad conference and a second-round elimination. This kind of superfluous spending would make Caligula blush.

But hey, it's not our money, so the concern is not so much the tiny dent the massive payroll will make in Mikhail Prokhorov's Great Pyramid-sized heap of cash. It's about what comes next for the random collection of future Hall of Famers and former All-Stars that comprised this season's roster. Most of the time, disappointment is the outcome for so-called super rosters, but the league's mega-rich owners always seem tempted to try the formula. With limited financial flexibility, no draft picks of consequence and a core on the wrong side of the aging curve, is there any hope for a better outcome in 2015?