How Chicago can save its season

Joakim Noah and Néné have battled it out all series long. Nuccio Dinuzzo/Icon SMI

Entering Game 5, the Chicago Bulls are staring elimination in the face. A defense that had been the Bulls' rock for most of the season has betrayed them in the postseason; an offense that had been abysmal during the regular season has been only marginally better, and not enough to make up for the drop in defensive efficiency. If adjustments aren't made soon, the Bulls might as well be echoing the old Nick Van Exel chant in the huddle "1-2-3-Cancun!"

Defensively, they did a better job of guarding Néné in Washington than they did in Chicago, but much of the Washington Wizards' offense in Game 3 was derived from Néné, and coming off a Game 4 suspension he'll likely be more aggressively seeking to exact revenge. Meanwhile, the Bulls rode Mike Dunleavy's hot shooting in Game 3, but couldn't get the same production in Game 4. Here are some quick fixes for the Bulls that can help them secure a win in Game 5.