How Thunder can close out Clips

Kevin Durant was just 6-of-22 from the field in Oklahoma City's Game 5 win against Los Angeles. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Throughout the playoffs, we've been making suggestions for teams that lost their previous game and were looking for ways to bounce back and do better.

Today's edition strays from that formula. Instead, we're looking at Oklahoma City, winner of Game 5, entering a potential closeout situation in Los Angeles against the Clippers. Kevin Durant had one of the worst shooting games of his postseason career in Game 5, but the Thunder managed to prevail. Many of the shots Durant missed are ones he typically makes, illustrating his brilliance, but Oklahoma City can do a better job of making his life easier. Here are some ways how.

Stop playing Kendrick Perkins so much

This has been the rallying call of almost every pundit and critic analyzing the league: Perkins is bad for business! Yes, he's an excellent screener, a reliable defensive rebounder and a good one-on-one post defender. But all of those positives don't outweigh the overall drag he puts on the team's offensive flow.