Postseason MVP rankings: 6-10



His competitive nature is the stuff of legends in Argentina and Texas, and the world saw why this spring. In the Spurs' most competitive series we saw a scoring-focused Manu, who made 25 of 54 3-point attempts in the final two series combined.

The world will remember his dunk in Game 5 of the Finals, but it was his shooting and quick trigger that helped ignite the Spurs' huge runs. Miami clearly focused more on trying to contest his perimeter attempts but it mattered little. His release and high arc helped him get his shots off in time, and that arc also helped him make them.

Manu's passing talent was sharp, as well, as he nearly matched Tony Parker's assists total in the Finals despite far fewer touches. When the Spurs needed him to shine, he delivered time after time, proving to be too much of an offensive threat for Miami to slow down.

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Photo credit: Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports