Of Allen, Adelman and a functional 'Dream Team'

Fasten your seat belts everyone, because the already heavy schedule picks up steam next week. Starting Saturday, we've got four games every day until a few teams get eliminated.

With so much playoff action, lots of questions are pouring in from the readers. Let's take a quick look at the mailbag:

Q: John, why are you hating on Marko Jaric? I'd like to hear your rationale for your snide remark – 6.1 apg with 3:1 A:TO and 1.68 spg is not that bad, and he has +3.5 plus/minus rating. I think he will be one of the most coveted free agents this summer, especially for a team with a short two guard (i.e. Ben Gordon) – Damir, San Francisco

Hollinger: Damir is referring to my recent reference to Jaric when I discussed Mike Dunleavy's use of stats during his broadcasts. I said, "Perhaps the numbers are just a distraction for him to erase his memories of Marko Jaric running the point." It came across harsher than I intended. I love Jaric as a wing player, but to me he's a Band-Aid, at best, at point guard.