Billups near flawless running Piston offense

SAN ANTONIO – It's hard to win when the other team gets more shots every night. That's why if the Spurs plan on winning Game 7, they better find a way to force some turnovers. The Pistons only committed five in winning Game 6, on the heels of committing a mere four in Game 4's blowout win. Overall, the Pistons are averaging a meager 9.3 turnovers per game in the Finals, which explains how they've had more field-goal attempts than San Antonio in each of the past five games.

If this development had been expected that'd be one thing, but it's come completely out of the blue. San Antonio's defense and Detroit's offense were both near the middle of the pack in turnovers per possession this season, making turnovers an unlikely area to become a focal point of the series.

I wish had a convenient explanation for how the Pistons are doing this, but it's easier to explain the presence of something than its absence. Right now, the Pistons are playing their usual offensive game, except the turnovers are absent. As a result, their overall success has been much better than anyone could have guessed when the series started.