Scouting Update: Pistons-Sixers

ESPN Insider Brian James provides a scouting report update. To read his previous scouting report on this series, click here.

Keys in Game 4
Pistons: Detroit's 97-92 overtime victory marked the first game in the series that did not feature stellar Pistons shooting. They hit only 42 percent from the floor. But the Philadelphia 76ers couldn't stop Chauncey Billups late in the fourth quarter. He repeatedly hit big shots and scored his team's final 10 points in regulation. Billups either ran off screens with his defender not attached to him or beat Allen Iverson off the dribble. Then in overtime, Rasheed Wallace hit a pair of big 3-pointers on step-back moves to get behind the arc. The Pistons ran simple offensive sets into screen roll plays; they also relied on Richard Hamilton's just cutting hard to the basket in the half court. His movement without the ball creates open shots for all Pistons. The major difference in this game proved to be the free throw shooting, as the Pistons made eight more than the 76ers.