Scouting Update: Celtics-Pacers

ESPN Insider Brian James provides a scouting report update. To read his previous scouting report on this series, click here.

Keys in Game 5
Celtics: This topsy-turvy series provided another twist Tuesday night. Coming home following a dominating performance in which the Boston Celtics regained home-court advantage without Antoine Walker in Game 4, Boston couldn't capitalize on its momentum and lost a 90-85 decision that gave the Indiana Pacers a 3-2 series lead. Boston played from behind for too much of this game, possibly was a little overconfident and got too far behind, trailing by 15 with four minutes to go in the third period before cutting the lead to two points.

This was not the first time that the Celtics somewhat lost their composure. When this happens, the team normally holds onto the ball too long. Boston also forced too many shots. Paul Pierce continued to be aggressive, getting to the the line 16 times and making 13 of those, but might have tried to do too much. He was 6-for-13 from the field.