Scouting Update: Pistons-Pacers

Keys in Game 3
Detroit: The Pistons just couldn't throw the ball into the ocean until midway through the fourth quarter. You can see that Richard Hamilton is not 100 percent, and the Pistons often count on him to jump start the team offensively. His slow start -- 1-for-7 shooting with three first-quarter turnovers -- compounded by other teammates taking tough shots in half-court sets showed why Detroit struggled to score, hence not being able to get 18 points in any of the first three quarters. In fact, the Pistons had more turnovers (10) than field goals (9) at halftime. Again, as I've believed all season, the question mark for Detroit is its second unit: Can the Pistons get enough production from the bench? In Game 3, coach Larry Brown used only seven players, and in 33 minutes Lindsey Hunter and Antonio McDyess were a combined 2 for 6 for six points. Tayshaun Prince only had two baskets vs. Stephen Jackson and hurried himself into five turnovers. I felt that Hunter did a good job defending Reggie Miller's last shot. He did not let him catch and shoot, and would not allow Reggie to go to his right. But besides forcing him left, make him put it on the floor at least two dribbles. Not easy! Detroit fell in love with the 3 since this was the easiest shot to attain, but if this is the case, the Pistons needed to make more than 3 for 16 from beyond the arc (18.8 percent).