Scouting Report: Spurs-Suns 5

Keys in Game 4
Phoenix: Name the cliché – "The hardest game to win is the elimination game," "Stars win games at the end," "Whoever wins the first quarter or reaches 100 points first will win the game" – and the Suns went out and did just that. Steve Nash scored 10 of his 17 points in the first quarter to make sure Phoenix got off to a good start. But he played more of a "Steve Nash" game, setting up shooters with perfect passes. The Suns finally got the running game going with Nash hitting the open man in transition after getting stops. Layups and 3-point attempts by Quentin Richardson on the break were to the Suns' liking. Even though the Suns were down seven at the half and had given up 59 points, you could see the bounce in their step because they were playing "Suns" basketball. They had 26 fast-break points in the first three quarters. The Suns also ran the 1-2 screen roll to get Tony Parker to switch on Joe Johnson. Johnson would then back down Parker for his own shot. Playing like he had never been injured, Johnson ended up with 26 points on 10-for-15 shooting. He also did a great job of doubling Tim Duncan.