Ramblings in the moonlight on the Riverwalk

  • Home court victories mean nothing unless it's the seventh game.

  • Game 2 is more important for the Spurs than it is for the Pistons. San Antonio should vividly recall its Game 2 letdown versus the Nets in the 2003 Finals. This is not a must-win game for Detroit because the Pistons are good enough to win anywhere. But if Detroit wins Game 2, this series could be over. The Pistons know they just need to win one game on the road and take the rest at home. They've proven they can do it, but beware because road victories are harder to come by the longer the series goes.

  • The Spurs need to capitalize when Detroit loses its mind. Rasheed Wallace has shown he's incapable of concentrating for 48 minutes. Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace have also lost the mental control and discipline needed to be champions. When that happens again, San Antonio must pounce.