Doing things the right way

San Antonio – (turn your iPod here to Bob Dylan's "Pressing On")

• The earliest influences in my basketball life were Hall of Famers Chick Hearn, John Wooden and Bill Russell. They all taught me how to play, what to think about and eventually how to love this most wonderful of games. They taught me an appreciation of the fast break, the quick-hitting and relentless attack, the team game – based on polished skills, ball movement and physical fitness. I learned to live for the full court press, an all out man-to-man defense and the commitment to a higher goal … you know, the right way.

• Coach Wooden always said: Give me a quickness advantage at at least three of the five positions – and we'll take our chances. The Spurs seem to be quicker at every position – including, and most importantly, on the sidelines.