Four series, eight teams, another round of questions

Was Shaq out of shape? Were the Suns too small? Were the Spurs not physical enough?

No, no and no were the answers we learned in the first round. In fact, it was a clean sweep for the eight favorites in Round 1, as all were able to answer the questions nagging at them.

But as soon as a team clears one hurdle, another presents itself. Before they knew it, all eight teams were taking the court for Round 2, bringing on a whole new onslaught of doubts for those remaining in the chase. In two weeks or so, we'll know the next set of answers, but in the meantime, all we have are questions. Let's take a look at the main puzzles in each of the four series, and how we might expect them to turn out:

Can the Cavs at least make this interesting?