Scouts Inc.: Lakers vs. Suns Game 2

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Lakers Offense: Kobe Bryant shoots too much. Kobe Bryant doesn't shoot enough. Kobe just can't win. But the Lakers can, if they continue to run the patient offense they ran in Game 1 the rest of the series. The game plan was to get two post players into position vs. the Suns and try to exploit the undersized front line of Phoenix. This was a great way to get Lamar Odom going early, and his intensity remained high throughout the game. Kwame Brown has to do a better job of holding the ball, but it is important to keep getting him looks. They should also get Luke Walton going more in the post, because he will not force his shot and can kick out to other players. Kobe could score 40 points but having an inside game keeps the length of shots to around 10 feet and the rebounds are a lot closer, which favors the Lakers' size. Long rebounds are key to Phoenix getting the fast break going.