Scouts Inc.: Bucks vs. Pistons Game 2

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Bucks Offense: The Bucks have to find a way to get more clean looks from the outside. When T.J. Ford is in the game, his defender plays off of him, (like he should). Perhaps running Michael Redd or Bobby Simmons behind Ford for a handoff and a pick from Ford will allow for a quick shot attempt. The inside play of Jamaal Magloire was something to build on. If the Bucks can get more production from him you may see a double in the post to open up someone else. Magloire does not seem intimidated at all by the Pistons interior defenders and maybe he can get Rasheed Wallace frustrated enough to get another selfish technical foul.

Bucks Defense: It has to be one and done for the Pistons on each of their offensive trips. The Bucks' intensity level did not match the Pistons' in the second half. Hopefully, Milwaukee learned something from the change in Detroit's attitude from one half to the next. Head coach Terry Stotts should continue to experiment with different ways at slowing the Detroit offense. Stotts used a 1-2-1-1 full court trap and blitzed the point guard which delays the offense from getting set up, but this stuff only works so many times against a great team like Detroit. Ford might have limited minutes if he continues to be a defensive liability and doesn't get this offense some fast break opportunities.