Scouting report: Mavs vs. Spurs

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These two teams battled all year for the best record in the Western Conference because they knew there was a very good chance they would face each other in the playoffs. It is hard to believe, and almost unfair, that the Mavericks had 60 wins this year and they must face the Spurs in the second round without home-court advantage.

We know all about the Spurs. They are a championship-driven unit, a tough half-court defensive team that will out-execute you at the offensive end of the floor. They are a true reflection of their star Tim Duncan -- quiet but deadly.

The Mavs are still a work in progress. The Mavs are currently the No. 1 team in the playoffs in points allowed (84.3 ppg); thus, many feel that they are better built for a longer run in the playoffs. The Mavs are deep, can score, defend and most importantly have Dirk Nowitzki.