Scouting report: Clippers vs. Suns Game 6

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Suns Offense: The Clippers are trying to stop Steve Nash as a scorer in this series and they have limited his points, but the Suns are doing a better job spacing and moving without the basketball around him. The Suns have had success with Nash dribbling to the foul line and having players come up from the baseline and curl around him, back toward the hoop waiting for a handoff. The Clippers continue to struggle against the pick-and-pop play on the 3-point line. The Clippers are so focused on Nash that they rarely stay with the screener to contest his shot. The Suns should allow Raja Bell to run the point more when Nash is on the bench, allowing Leandro Barbosa to play his natural shooting guard position. Sam Cassell is a worse defender than advertised. Every Suns player should look to go at him if they have him in a switch.