Scouts: Pistons vs. Cavs Game 6

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Cavs Offense: The Cavaliers don't need a nightly 20-point threat alongside LeBron James to win in the playoffs. They just need the guys around him to keep a defense honest by hitting enough outside shots and getting offensive rebounds. The role players have to be able to contribute like this to win in Game 6.

Cleveland is predominately running a high screen for James that Detroit is not switching on and leaves Donyell Marshall open for a 3. Until the Pistons switch this or Marshall is no longer a threat from the outside, expect to see Cleveland run this a majority of the time. If the Pistons don't want to send a second defender at Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the Cavaliers should get him as many looks within the offense as they can. When Ilgauskas' shot is going down, he steps up his defense.