2013-14 NBA Vegas Rankings

The Oklahoma City Thunder have gotten out to a quick start this season. AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

With every NBA team now more than a quarter of the way through the regular season, it's a good time for the second edition of ESPN Insider's NBA Vegas Rankings. Our esteemed panel of handicappers consists of Dave Tuley, Erin Rynning, Geoff Kulesa and yours truly, Evan Abrams.

As mentioned in the first edition, these rankings represent the perceived neutral court value of each NBA team in the eyes of Vegas bettors and handicappers. In other words, if the Pacers played the Suns on a neutral court, you could use the ranking system to determine what these four panelists would grade as the perceived line of the game (before adjusting for home-court advantage).

The chart below has our rankings for each team, along with the NBA power rankings from ESPN's Marc Stein, Kevin Pelton's SCHOENE projections (which is a player and team projection formula), John Hollinger's power rankings, the current NBA title odds and NBA preseason win totals from the Las Vegas Hotel. We'll also identify the most undervalued and overvalued teams in Vegas' eyes right now.

Here are all 30 NBA teams ranked by their Vegas power rating.