NBA's top 10 centers for 2013-14

Anthony Davis' 17.0 TrueWARP is by far the best at the center position in the NBA. Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports

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Who would we pick if we were choosing up sides on the playground for a game today? Our midseason update of player rankings continues to address that question with the men in the middle.

It's been an interesting season for centers. Second-year player Anthony Davis -- a natural power forward -- has logged most of his time in the middle for the Pelicans and has built on his fabulous rookie season. San Antonio's Tim Duncan, whose position has always been up for debate, has logged more time in the pivot, as he's shared the court less frequently with Tiago Splitter. Other centers having good seasons have gone down with major injuries: Al Horford, Brook Lopez and Marc Gasol. And Roy Hibbert may be having the best defensive season of any player in the league as the anchor of the NBA's best first-half team, but his offensive metrics continue to undersell his real-world value.

The summer center rankings can be found here. Each player's "TrueWARP" calculation -- a blend of a player's preseason baseline forecast and his 2013-14 results -- is noted, along with their 2013-14 WARP and their league-wide rank in WARP for the season to date.

Because we're extrapolating from a half-season of real results, the methodology was a little bit different from our forecast-based summer rankings. See the explainer at the end of the article for how these rankings were derived.