10 most improbable performances

On Friday, Kevin Love and his Timberwolves teammates finally squeaked out a close win. Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

No, there wasn't a full moon. But some strange power controlled a wild, wacky NBA weekend that included a series of career performances and unlikely outcomes. In case you missed them, let's recap by ranking the 10 most improbable events, counting down to the most unexpected result.

10. Wolves win a close game

On the surface, the Minnesota Timberwolves emerging victorious 121-120 Friday night at Golden State when Warriors forward Harrison Barnes missed a possible game-winning shot at the buzzer might seem wildly improbable. After all, it was Minnesota's first win this season by fewer than five points after 11 losses in such games. However, avid Per Diem readers knew that history suggested overwhelmingly the Timberwolves were bound to catch better breaks at some point. Instead, the greater surprise was ...