What's wrong with the Knicks' D?

Little has gone right for the New York Knicks in 2013-14, with losses piling up and issues frequently popping up between players and coaches. It's little wonder they have struggled in a laundry list of areas this season.

In 2012-13, the biggest keys to New York's success were its excellent 3-point shooting (tied for fourth in league), low turnover rate (best in the NBA) and solid defense, which wasn't great all the time but was good enough most of the time.

Last season, the math was simple: Limiting their turnovers allowed the Knicks to shoot a lot of 3s (tied for first in the league in attempts and first in 3s made thanks to great accuracy), so being just "solid" on defense was enough.

Indeed, this season's Knicks' roster still is doing a good job protecting the ball, and they're still shooting a lot of 3s, making more than most teams. While they aren't performing as well as they did last season in these areas, they remain in the top 10 in all those categories (even ranking in the league's top five in turnover rate).

Conversely, on the defensive side of the ball, it is a much different story. They are rarely even "solid" on defense, and often are awful. And when discussing defense in New York, one must consider center Tyson Chandler. The results have not been pretty.