NBA expansion FAQs

Could the Milwaukee Bucks potentially move to Seattle or another city? AP Photo/Morry Gash

This week, ESPN.com offers a four-part series on how and whether the NBA should expand.

In one of Friday's stories, Bradford Doolittle answers FAQs regarding expansion, including the expansion process, the likelihood the NBA will expand in the near future, possible cities that could land a team and the collective bargaining agreement's related impact, among other topics.

How often does the NBA expand?

The NBA used to grow at a steady, regular clip, but the pace has slowed considerably. When Red Auerbach retired as head coach of the Celtics after winning his ninth championship in 1966, Boston was one of just nine teams in the 20-year-old league. Beginning with the addition of the Chicago Bulls the following season, the NBA grew by 20 teams over the next 24 years. The longest the league went without adding a team was an eight-year period during the 1980s.