Trade deadline winners, losers

Evan Turner and Andre Miller were the main players moved before Thursday's deadline. USA TODAY Sports, Getty Images

When a last-minute deal that involved three guys who average an 11.9 PER is considered the grand finale of the trade deadline, you know it was a total snoozefest.

All in all, the trade deadline saw an exchange of 26 players, zero first-round picks and seven second-round picks (five of which went to the Philadelphia 76ers). Just two of those players were former All-Stars (Antawn Jamison and Danny Granger) and neither figures to play much, if at all, in his new home.

Still, there's plenty to hash out. If you're looking for grades, fellow Per Diemer Kevin Pelton busted out the red pen and put each and every trade under the microscope. But if you're a "winners and losers" kind of fan, I got you covered.