Rebuilding Tyreke Evans

Pelicans forward Tyreke Evans could be matchup nightmare if he made some skill upgrades. Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports

One of the harsh realities of the NBA is that a franchise has much to do with how well a player matures and develops. Just as one would expect companies such as Apple or Google to nurture young engineering minds into brilliant innovators, people expect teams to take their drafted players from having great potential to realizing it.

While the good NBA teams do this year after year, sadly for some players, the bad ones do not.

Before the current ownership group came in, the Sacramento Kings had quite possibly the worst-run franchise in sports. That mess splattered all over their 2009 first-round pick, Tyreke Evans. A star at the University of Memphis, Evans came out of the gate a star but has gotten progressively worse each season.

He's also just 24, and I believe there still lurks a transformative player in Evans. The question is: Can the New Orleans Pelicans somehow cultivate Evans' talent and develop him in a way the Kings could not?