What does Jackson face in NY?

The New York Knicks' prodigal son, Phil Jackson, returns to the franchise that helped shape his basketball mind. As an injured player, Jackson was first exposed to the coaching side of the game, sitting in on coaches' meetings with Hall of Fame coach Red Holzman. After winning 11 titles as a coach in Chicago and Los Angeles, Jackson is tasked with helping his first franchise win its first championship since he donned the No. 18 jersey.

But the savior doesn't come in the form of a coach; instead, Jackson will be in charge of shaping the culture and the roster as the head honcho on the basketball operations side. It will clearly be the most daunting task of his long and illustrious career, as the Knicks' broken culture has interfered with great basketball minds such as Donnie Walsh and Larry Brown.

Here's a primer for what we can expect of Jackson, and what Jackson can expect of Madison Square Garden.