How long can Spurs' streak last?

The Spurs have tied their franchise-best 17-game winning streak. Can they keep it going? Getty Images

While the Philadelphia 76ers were getting all of the headlines for their record-tying losing streak, which they ended Saturday after 26 games, the San Antonio Spurs have been quietly putting together a streak of their own, one nearly as impressive as Philadelphia's futility.

By beating the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday, the Spurs extended their winning streak to 17 games -- tied for the longest regular-season streak in franchise history, and officially the longest of the Tim Duncan/Gregg Popovich era, thanks to a technicality. (Playoff games are treated separately, so the 20 consecutive games San Antonio won from the end of the 2011-12 regular season through Game 2 of the Western Conference finals don't count.)

As the Spurs prepare to put the streak on the line tonight against the Indiana Pacers in a matchup of the best teams in both conferences, let's take a look at how San Antonio has gone streaking, and its chances of extending the run.