GM for a day: Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have played terrific since Jan. 1 after surviving an injury-plagued start. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Things are looking up for the Nets, who began the season as the biggest sports flop in Brooklyn since the Dodgers bolted for the West Coast. The Nets' turnaround coincided with the beginning of the year. Brooklyn stood a season-worst 10-21 after losing on New Year's Eve, but since then has sported the league's fourth-best record at 30-12.

The goal in this "GM for a Day" series is to point the way to a title for each team, and the Nets offer perhaps the most unusual challenge of any franchise. We really don't know what this team is, and we won't find out until the postseason.

It's always wise to look at season-long results when projecting a team. But are the Nets the bottom-feeder they were in 2013 or the contender they've looked like in 2014?