For Jason Kidd, it now gets real

Wednesday made it real.

There was Jason Kidd, with a red tie and a Bucks pin on his lapel, sitting on a makeshift stage midcourt at the BMO Bradley Center on a shockingly cold summer morning in Milwaukee. Over the weekend, we were stunned by the bizarre sequence of events leading to Kidd's departure from the Brooklyn Nets.

We shared our common outrage -- condemning Kidd while simultaneously wagging our fingers of shame at new Bucks owners Wes Edens and Marc Lasry. We sympathized with the knee-capped Larry Drew, and worried about the futures of general manager John Hammond and assistant GM David Morway. The news releases trickled out Monday, making it all official. Yet it didn't quite feel real until Kidd was introduced to the public as the new coach of the Milwaukee Bucks.

We can stop moralizing. Kidd, who said that his reported power play in Brooklyn never happened, is in Milwaukee, and in a few minutes everyone except Drew will forget how he got here. Why did we take it all so personally? This kind of corporate Darwinism makes our society go. We can cite the unwritten code of coaches and all that but really, this kind of thing happens all the time, right? It's just this time, we found out about it.

"This is business," Kidd said. "I think Billy [King] said it best. It's business. And that's what it comes down to."