Players to watch in Las Vegas

Dante Exum, Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle will take part in the NBA Summer League. Getty Images

I know what you're asking: Doolittle, who will you be watching during the Las Vegas Summer League?

In general, the answer is that I'll be watching the same guys as everyone else. But there are some situations I'm more anxious to check out than others. So here's a guide to what's happening on the court during the next couple of weeks. That is, if the big free agents make up their minds and allow us to veer our attention away from Twitter and the newswire.

First look: The Rookies

Dante Exum, Utah Jazz: Perhaps no player in Vegas will garner as much interest as Exum, the Australian mystery kid who skipped college ball and spent the past year preparing for the draft. We've seen sparse video of Exum, and what exists is hard to judge, given the caliber of competition. He sparkled in international events, but that was against fellow kids. Now Exum will be exposed to a few bona fide NBA players for the first time, and we'll get a feel for how he compares athletically. Fellow Jazz guard Trey Burke is also on the summer league roster for Utah, so we should get our first taste of them working in tandem.