The best of what's left in FA

Can Greg Monroe find a new home for his offensive skill set? Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports

The dog days of free agency have arrived, when the words "minimum contract" and "partial guarantee" become ubiquitous. Summer league is over, and 26 out of the 30 names on the Free Agent Big Board have been snatched up; the number of landing spots for players seeking greater-than-minimum deals has shrunk considerably. Here's a look at the best talent still left on the market:

Greg Monroe | PF/C | RFA

2013-14 team: Detroit Pistons

The confounding trio of Monroe's restricted free agency, his desire for a maximum allowable contract and the Pistons' crowded frontcourt have left him unsigned. He's a talented offensive weapon in the low post who can put it on the floor from the elbow area and attack, but he leaves something to be desired on the defensive end and really isn't a spacer. Is he good enough to be an offensive focal point on a winning team?