5-on-5: Kevin Love trade debate

Will Kevin Love wind up in a Wolves, Cavs or Warriors jersey this season? Our panel weighs in. Brad Rempel/USA TODAY Sports

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In our ongoing NBA Front Office series, Tom Penn (general manager), George Karl (coach), Amin Elhassan (scouting director) and Kevin Pelton (analytics director) are joined by NBA Front Office's senior consultant, David Thorpe to simulate a conversation that an actual front office might have. Today, the group weighs in on the Kevin Love negotiations, discussing a deal from the standpoint of each of the three principle teams involved: the Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Want in on the conversation or have a question for one of the guys? Use #NBAFrontOffice.

Tom Penn (@1TomPenn): Let's talk about this from Cleveland's perspective first. Just how important of a priority is Kevin Love?

Just how good is he? Is he worth giving up virtually anything you've got to get a deal done? Is there a place where you would draw the line?

George Karl (@CoachKarl22): As a coach, if you can get this done, you have to get it done. This is the one time in my opinion that you overspend, because you got whatever window that you think LeBron has of being the best player in basketball. Whether it's five, six years, whatever, you add a big man that fits him.

Kevin Pelton (@KPelton): I wouldn't hesitate to give Andrew Wiggins up in a deal like this. Even among the other guys, Tristan Thompson is a questionable fit. If you've already got Love, can you play those two guys together? Neither of them are rim-defenders.

Would Dion Waiters submit to a bench role? Is he willing to be the fourth or fifth option on offense? I think I would be willing to give up all those guys to get Love, if that's what it took. Of course, you're trying to do it with as few of those guys and as few of those picks as possible.

David Thorpe (@CoachThorpe): I don't think it's hard to find a great fit next to the world's best player. I can probably think of three or four guys we could make a similar argument for at different positions. Love is the best PF in the league right now, especially if you look at a five-year window. He's still got plenty of years at his peak. If you're the Cavs, making this trade makes too much sense.

Penn: But the question is: at what cost?