Westbrook's historic offense

Russell Westbrook is breaking the scale. Just smashing it into little pieces and screaming to all of us, "Are you not entertained?"

Westbrook has become a fire-breathing monster right before our very eyes. On Thursday night, he tallied 39 points, 11 assists and 14 rebounds. We can quibble with his 13-for-38 shooting, but considering he created 26 points for others and the Thunder completely fell apart with him on the bench, that's like complaining a Lamborghini doesn't do well in the snow.

Westbrook is doing things right now that we've never seen. This month, he's averaging 30.4 points, 10.2 assists and 8.7 rebounds -- all in less than 35 minutes per game. But relying solely on the box score doesn't capture his overwhelming brilliance on the basketball court. On Friday, the opening day of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, there's no better time to walk through why Westbrook is having statistically the most offensively dominant NBA season ever.