Forecast: Best newcomer of 2015-16

Which new guy will have the biggest impact on his team this season?

We've already shared our projections for the East and West standings as well as the Rookie of the Year and MVP. Now our panel weighs in on the best newcomers for the 2015-16 NBA season.

We asked the ESPN Forecast team to rank its top three choices for best newcomer, with a first-place vote receiving five points, a second-place vote receiving three and a third-place vote receiving one.

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Best newcomer projections

1. LaMarcus Aldridge
Spurs | Power forward
First-place votes: 26
Total points: 140

2. Ty Lawson
Rockets | Point guard
First-place votes: 3
Total points: 40

3. Greg Monroe
Bucks | Center
First-place votes: 1
Total points: 31

4. Paul Pierce
Clippers | Small forward
First-place votes: 1
Total points: 15

5. Monta Ellis
Pacers | Shooting guard
First-place votes: 0
Total points: 9

Also receiving votes: Matt Barnes, Grizzlies, 7; Justin Anderson, Mavericks, 5; DeMarre Carroll, Raptors, 5; Tyson Chandler, Suns, 4; David Lee, Celtics, 3; Lance Stephenson, Clippers, 3; David West, Spurs, 3; Jeremy Lamb, Hornets, 3; Myles Turner, Pacers, 3; Ed Davis, Blazers, 3; Karl-Anthony Towns, Wolves, 3; Kendrick Perkins, Pelicans, 1; Amir Johnson, Celtics, 1; Mo Williams, Cavaliers, 1; Wesley Matthews, Mavericks, 1; Branden Dawson, Clippers, 1; Roy Hibbert, Lakers, 1; Robin Lopez, Knicks, 1; Nicolas Batum, Hornets, 1; Nik Stauskas, Sixers, 1

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